Lovers Of Travel And History Explore Canadian Historic Landmarks

One couple decided to take their love of travel and hit the streets of Canada exploring and discovering some of Canada’s most historic sites. The couple, who calls themselves, the Heritage Minute nerds have already covered half of Canada, visiting and seeing locations that are linked to the ever popular 60-second vignettes.

Before embarking on this journey of a lifetime, Rebecca Bartlett a librarian and Jim Ellwood, a software engineer. The two recall feeling nostalgic for something more than their regular weekly routines. Ellwood stating that the two of them grew up watching the vignettes on television and that these memories were part of their childhoods. The two made the decision to give the experience a shot for themselves, exclaiming that it wouldn’t be necessarily difficult to be in a different place every minute.

All This History

The 60-seconds vignettes have been around for more than two decades, with about 86 segments having been produced since the launch of the segments back in 1991. The initiative of these segments was fronted by Philanthropist Charles Bronfman back in 1986 when a national survey discovered that about one in four Canadians could not reveal a historic event that made them feel proud to be Canadian.

Segments From The Past

Since launching the 60-seconds vignettes have become a large and prominent part of Canada’s television history. The segments date back decades with plenty of interesting and rather fascinating information about Canada being a lot more accessible. Now produced by Historica Canada some past segments include the origins of the famous bear, Winnie the Pooh and the origination of Basketball

Carrying On The Legacy

The couple is continuing this tradition and so far, they have conquered the coastal wilderness and stopped by to see powerful activist to name a few. The journey is still continuing and should be one awesome experience.