Young Individuals Who Are Dedicated To Their Cause Reach Kenora

The notion that millennials are not hardworking and merely just seek attention for themselves has been proven to be inconclusive at best. The group of seven young people who have embarked on a journey to bring awareness to the murders and disappearance of indigenous women and girls are certainly proof of this. The seven, reached Kenora on the night of July 5th, holding their prayer staffs high in the air to make sure people know the power of exstince.

The Starting Point

The team who started their adventure in Neyaashiinigmiing, which is an Anishinaabe community located about two hours to the North of Toronto have been making their way across Canada, and plan to finish off their awareness train where they started, in their own hometown. The walk which started just before the Christmas of 2017, on the day of the winter solstice has seen these young people travel for nearly 7 months.

The Idea Sprung From Heart

The idea for the walk came to fruition when E Naad Maa Get and a few of his friends were on their regular water walk in their surrounding territory borders. The idea for the walk was thereafter presented to Assembly of First Nations who then pledged their support for the initiative. The youngsters have admitted that since starting this journey they have had to, on many occasions, throw their plans out the window. They admit that sometimes things don’t go according to plan and that they are learning to go with that.

Entering Kenora

The group who often do all of their walkings during the day had initially planned to enter Kenora at around 4pm, however, they were delayed by a thunderstorm, coupled with their RV breaking down. The admit to facing some hardships along the way, but not any they couldn’t handle or deal with.