Cruising Through The Lakes Of Canada

One of Canada’s most beautiful places to visit and probably one of the most recognized is a river that stretches about 1,200 miles off Lake Ontario to the Gulf of St Lawrence. Visiting this glorious wonderland of nature has also never seemed so intimate. The itinerary of water travel which boasts three of Canada’s most well-known ports namely Montreal, Quebec and Trios-Riviera’s and also the exploration of the border between Ontario and New York makes for one exciting trip to the rivers. The views of the thousand archipelago Islands also makes the adventure worth it.

Sailing Across Rivers

It seems that fewer and fewer ships are making their voyage up to St Lawrence or through the Great Lakes. With many of the ships needing to be smaller in order to make it past the bridges in Quebec. This made the trip even more sought-after. There are a few cruise and boat companies such Victory Cruise who have put the route on their 2018 trip schedules, with some ship lines such as Hapag-Loyd Cruises only covering the Great Lakes and St Lawrence routes only.

Longer Trips At The Helm

Most of the Great Lakes and St Lawrence tours span to just under 7 days, however, Windstar is offering a 12-day cruise that spans across Montreal and Boston. The itinerary includes cruising through 9 of Canada’s ports all located along the river. This is guaranteed to be a very exciting tour with plenty of time to fully explore the vicinities.

What’s It Going To Cost?

The cost of the tours will depend on a number of factors. The first being the cruise line choices. Secondly, the cost is affected by the itinerary, the more ports visited the more expensive the trip. The final factor to consider is the duration of the trip. The cost of the average trip ranges from about $2900 to $4000 on the basis of double occupancy.