New Islands For The Nature Lover To Explore In St Lawrence

When new discoveries occur, there is a moment of bliss and excitement at the mere possibility of exploring some untouched terrains. This is now the case with St Lawrence where four new islands were opened to tourists and explorers of the Montreal island. The four islands which are Aigle, Beauregard, Bonfouin, and Aigle are a property of the Nature Conservancy of Canada and have been opened for public exploration. Visitors can expect to be greeted by the sounds of chirping birds, including getting to see a number of at-risk bird species.

The History Of It All

The four Islands are not a new acquisition by the Conservancy but were in fact purchased by

them in the 1970s. It has been reported that the islands boast a number of hiking and trekking trails for the public to enjoy. Added to this is some water-based adventure in the form of kayaks and canoes, however, the owner of motorboats will find their tech engines are not welcomed. The project manager for the Conservancy, Mr. Julien Poisson issued a statement exclaiming the excitement behind showcasing the islands to the public. The manager gushed about the importance of natural preservation.

All This Space

The Conservancy has managed to successfully maintain and preserve a total of 130 hectares of land area. The choice to open the islands to the public was for preservation purposes, with the Conservancy stating that Canadians could only preserve these islands as well as the beauty of St Lawrence by knowing about it.

Exploring New Spaces

The Nature Conservancy has pledged themselves to preserve and upkeep the beautiful terrains of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence and their hopes are that opening these four Islands to the Canadian public will ignite a desire to uphold the natural beauty the land has to offer.