Why Is Canada’s Moraine Important?

The watershed known as Oak Ridges Moraine is the pride of southern Ontario (Greater Ontario Area) as well as Canada as a whole. The moraine provides major benefits to the surrounding communities as well as the rest of the country. This article outlines the benefits offered by this watershed to the Greater Ontario Area as well as the whole of Canada.

Tourist Attraction

For the Greater Ontario Area as well as Canada as a whole, this watershed is a great source of revenue for the local authorities and the central government. Thousands of tourists visit Canada with their destination of choice being specifically, the Oak Ridges Moraine. Tourists who visit the moraine include hydrology students seeking to learn and see the moraine with their own eyes, there are also engineering firms that do visit the moraine and also other ordinary individuals who are just mesmerized by this stunning natural attraction. Tourists get to go on a hiking trail that is designated for the public and in some instances, they can go off-road. During the hiking trail, tourists will be hiking alongside guides knowledgeable about the origins of these ridges who will share their knowledge of how this beautiful attraction came about.

Source of Clean Water

Another major importance of this watershed is that it provides clean water to the residents of the surrounding communities. Groundwater from aquifers found along the course of the moraine is the water that’s used by the small communities in Southern Ontario.

Not only is the water used in homes, it is also useful in supporting Southern Ontario’s fish population and aquatic ecosystems. Water used for farming, irrigations schemes and water supply for livestock production in Southern Ontario also comes from the moraine’s groundwater. Against this background, you can see how this natural watershed is important to Canada.