Experiencing St Lawrence On A Cruise, A Rather Surreal Experience

When it comes to traveling the world, there are many different methods and options available. Some are a lot more common than others, while some just seem to be a little on the surreal side of life. One of the most surreal ways to travel the world is by boat, more specifically on water. This opens up travelers to a whole new way of adventure and discovery.

Traveling By Cruise

Adventure Canada’s Ocean Endeavour, which is a cruise boat that hosts a hotel and many other facilities is one of the perfect ways to explore all that Canada has to offer. The location of the cruise explores the might and majestic St. Lawrence, which is known for its stunning beauty, its historic appeal as well as its size which hosts a plethora of beautiful sea creatures such as whales and seals, and also birds and other waterway wildlife. The cruise which was founded by the Swan family has been responsible for immersing travelers on an adventure, one where hard to get to locations are visited. This includes visits to far-flung Arctic locations.

Why They Do It

One of the reasons Adventure Canada decided to launch this initiative was owed in part to the ethos of the company which holds that it is best to be a traveler as opposed to being a tourist. This guarantees voyagers an experience that is culturally enriching, mind opening, and historically engaging. As a result, the adventure makers bring aboard biologists, naturalists, photographers and local historians who can turn the adventure into more than a tour but an experience.

The Tourist Vs The Traveller

The company strongly believes that there is a significant difference between a traveler and a tourist. They argue that the tourist focuses on going to a place, where they can sleep comfortably, catch a tan and get drinks. While the traveler prefers to experience a transformation with each place they visit.