Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia which makes it a travel destination worth seeing. Not only does it come with the scenery to go with it but the warm locals make great hosts with a few offering their homes as sheltering options for the discerning traveler. We are going to look at tips and tricks not only around making the best accommodation decisions, but we are also going to look at past experiences fellow travelers have had, and also save you the hassle of looking for accommodation in places you shouldn’t. The trip may be what you’re there for, but where you stay could make or break the experience.

What Does Your taste Say?

It is always best to work out what kind of accommodation you like. If you are the kind of traveler who wants to see the modern side to Canada while chasing the bustle of the city, then you’re going to want a Bed and Breakfast located close to the main cities. If you are a nature lover though, a rustic wooden styled cabin characterized by a forest whose stories are told by the oldest residing member of the community in that area will do for you. Canada boasts a combination of these visiting options across its countryside and city life.

A Couple of Your Accommodation Options

The Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia boasts a 5-star rating and is known for its eco stance and serene qualities. It offers outdoor activities including canoeing, hiking, mountain biking and kayaking amongst many others and has been awarded by the National Geographic Society, a Parks Canada Sustainable Tourism Award. The Sweet Dreams luxury Inn located in Abbotsford offers a more luxurious and city driven stay. You can expect a more tech orientated offering with a business center on site and wifi services.