Travelling can be an exciting way to discover parts of the world you read about in books and magazines. Not only do you get to put words to picture and see everything told to you in front of you, but you also get to explore new cultures and destinations outside of the ones you know and also take away a learning experience depending on where you are. Canada is a world-renowned tourist attraction for its many landmarks and national treasures. Travelling to Canada can be expensive, but there are many travellers’ tricks to saving and getting the best for your buck.

What You Should Save On

Canada is considered a very warm and friendly country meaning it’s unlikely you won’t have fun even on a budget. It is important then that you save, only on things like entertainment, as you will not have a shortage of free areas you can attend in the city. For accommodation, you will want to use inexpensive share options from sites like AirBnB. It is safe, and offers background information on where you are sleeping. For travelling, the train makes one of the cheapest ways to see multiple cities and depending on the class you choose.

How to Have Fun While There

Canada has a rich history and quite often offers tours in each city. The local tourism site will give you a guide of what each city has to offer as well as how long the tours usually might be. The major cities in Canada also offer art and music festivals, as well as markets like the one in St. Lawrence in Toronto. Most of these have free entrance, meaning you can often see local musicians for free and then use your money to experience Canadian foods or collect memorabilia from the local vendors.